Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Birthday to Sploo

Today is Malcolm's (also known as "The Sploo - long story) birthday. Malcolm is 8 years old. Malcolm is our chocolate Lab.
Katie loves to tell the story that the reason she married me is because the very first time we took Malcolm over the the Arboretum for a walk we sat down on a bench on a hill and the dog jumped up between us. He gave me a kiss, then he gave Katie a kiss and then he laid down between us. Katie says she knew right then that she would marry me.
So, on this special day, I just want to go on record as saying that for all the times I have to discipline him -
"Malcolm, stop barking at people 3 streets away!"
"Malcolm, stop chasing the kitty!"
"Malcolm, get off the @#$!! furniture!"
- that my life has been made even more wonderful by the inclusion of this big, 80 lb chocolate lab who wants nothing more than to make his Step-daddy happy. He has shown me unconditional love for over six years while sharing his life with Katie, Jenna and myself.
I love that Katie loves him so much and I love that Jenna will look back on her childhood and think of this dog. This big, slobbering dog who is just full of love.
He's the best dog in the world and we love him so.
Happy Birthday, Malcolm.


Blogger Lisa Vinson said...

Hi Andy.
Fur Babies are great aren't they.
We love our "Girls" too! Jasmine, our Boston Terrier, had her 7th birthday on the 8th of August and Emilie, our 6 lb Peek-A-Poo, Will be 10 on September 2nd.
And because of Rodney's major sweet tooth, ( actually he has a whole mouthful of them) :):))
We have to get or make a real birthday cake when either of our girls has a birthday.
Happy Belated Birthday to Malcolm.

8:54 PM, August 16, 2005  

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