Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Go Fug Yourself

Come on, admit it. There are days when you're driving down the street and you see someone, say Courtney Love, who clearly got dressed
  • without the use of proper lighting
  • without the use of their eyes
  • without a chance to grab their own clothes before the cops raided the party
and you say to yourself, "Man, I wish I had a witty rejoinder right here to demonstrate my own vocabulary superiority and to prove that, unlike THIS poor slob, I actually have a sense of style." But alas, the light turns green and you move on and you miss your golden opportunity to completely make fun of someone else.
Or is this just me?
Whichever the case, the ladies at Go FUG Yourself have taken the guesswork away from you and set it on a blog for all the world to read.
And DAMN it is funny.
Go on...check it out. You know you want to.


Blogger Summer Ryan Doyle said...

This is FUGGING AWESOME!!! Thank you for the heads up.

2:31 PM, September 23, 2005  
Blogger Andy said...

You're welcome. Now, go FUG yourself and those around you.

9:55 AM, September 25, 2005  

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