Friday, December 09, 2005

"Who IS This??" - December

Congratulations to Cindy Robinson, who took my plethora of subtle clues and turned them into Blog Game Gold for correctly identifying our "Who IS This??" victim for December 2005.

Now here she is in all of her (former) glory - YASMINE BLEETH!

Looking at her previous picture (see the post below this one) it is apparently a LONG way down from the heady days when she joined the cast of the syndicated TV series "Baywatch" in 1994 as Caroline Holden, the athletic and impressionable younger sister of Alexandra Paul's character.

Bleeth had been in front of the public since she was six months old when she did a TV commercial for Johnson & Johnson. Bleeth also played opposite comedian Buddy Hackett in "Hey, Babe!" when she was 12. I can't believe that I missed that little gem. At age 16, she won the role of Jack Fenelli's daughter on the ABC soap opera "Ryan's Hope". In 1991, she joined the cast of ABC's "One Life to Live" as the sultry Lee Anne Demarest. After leaving the show, Bleeth decided to try her luck in Los Angeles. After appearing in a 1993 episode of the series "Herman's Head," the role of Caroline Holden on "Baywatch" followed when the show added several new and younger cast members.
In 1996, Bleeth starred in her first leading role in a TV-movie, "A Face to Die For", in which she played a woman with facial scars and a prison record given a second chance at happiness. This has been viewed on LMN numerous times by my wife as well as multitudes of gay men.
Now, you would think this was the highlight of her career - but wait! She also was alongside Dick Clark at the annual ABC special to rock 'n' roll in the New Year 1996 and she has appeared in a few Off-Broadway plays as well.
Now, hot on the trail of a comeback, Yasmine will soon be seen in "Knight Rider" - based on the 1982 series of the same name, a lone crime fighter battles the forces of evil with the help of his indestructible and artificially intelligent car.
No she does not play the car...although that would be fun.

Instead She plays "Laura Palmer" - who is apparently no relation the "Laura Palmer" who was successfully killed in David Lynch's insanely cool mini-series "Twin Peaks". IMBD makes no mention of what it is that the Knight Rider version of "Laura Palmer' does, exactly...But part of me wishes that she was a zombified version of the Lynch creation. At least then something of Yasmine's would be brought back to life...Unlike her career, which should successfully stay dead after the release of this turkey.


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