Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pre-Emptive Blog

The President is on a PR trip:
Three years of the war in Iraq (and two years after "Mission Accomplished") have proven that a "Pre-emptive War" does not assure the peace.

Yet, instead of focusing on any actual issues facing us today, the President is wasting both his time, our time and taxpayer money to travel the country explaining how right he was to go to war in the first place - and how another "pre-emptive war" may be needed in iran.

Thank you for the update, Mr. President. But believe me, I have never once believed that you thought you were wrong about the War in Iraq. Or about anything, for that matter.
Instead of crowing about a decision that you forced down our throats three years ago, why don't you engage and astound us with the many new and impressive ideas that you have concerning Iraq on a go-forward basis.

Like an exit strategy.

Go ahead - we're waiting.
While we're waiting, let's ponder this question: If it is okay for the United States to launch a "Pre-Emptive War" against Iran (or anybody, for that matter) because they may or may not use their nuclear weapons then why can't THEY do the same to US?


Blogger David Flanagan said...

Bush has built his presidential career on terror and fear. This sabre rattling over Iran is just greasing another middle-eastern hole in preparation for our entry. While the current president of Iran is indeed whackers McCrackers, we have spread ourselves far too thin as it is. Reports show that 80% of our military fatalities in Iraq could have been prevented with the proper body armor. This suggests ill preparation for the initial invasion. To suggest we would fare better in Iran is absurd. The current administration is a completely lame duck in its second term and has no power to promote any kind of domestic agenda. If it continues to keep us engaged, perhaps they think we will ignore such failings as our trade deficits, out of control spending and deficit, and why Brokeback Mountain lst best picture.

1:00 PM, March 21, 2006  

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