Wednesday, May 31, 2006

40 & Fabulous!

Katie's "40 & FABULOUS!" party took place on the red carpet this past Saturday night. Needless to say, the Guest of Honor was both surprised and thrilled to be the center of such adoration and celebration.

(yes, the girl in the front row in the black dress is my DAUGHTER!)
This was the scene shortly after we arrived on the red carpet in our SAAB convertible, to thunderous applause emanating from a speaker in our bedroom window upstairs. Katie was thrilled as throngs of admirers flocked to the car to catch a glimpse of their object of affection as well as possibly an autograph on one of the many headshots provided for the event by The Sock - Dave Flanagan. Afterwards, we ate fantastic food while 80's music (Katie's favorite musical decade) filled the backyard. Wine flowed, kabobs were devoured and good friends abounded.
After the sun set the party moved inside for cake and conversation. Finally, after 11PM or so, even Malcolm was worn out:
It was a GREAT party. Kudos to those who made it all happen. Much love and thanks belong to Dave, Lisa, Bridget, John & Kristin, Tony, Marj, Stacey, John Amend and Jenna for planning, setting up and putting on such an excellent bash.

Without all of you this party would never have happened. Your diligence for details and love for Katie combined to make Saturday a 40th birthday party that she will never forget. Everything was picture perfect, from the marinated steak, chicken, salmon and shrimp kabobs (yummy) to the decorations (outrageously spectacular), the cake (Lohan-riffic) and the "headshots" for signing (gloriously ego-satisfying). My thanks to everyone who provided food and drink, everyone who made a long drive to get to the party and to everyone who got a sitter (or who offered to babysit so others could attend), and to everyone who pressed a shirt or slipped into something fabulous to make this event just simply outstanding.
Thank you ALL for making Katie's night the best that it could possibly be.


Blogger Summer Ryan Doyle said...

What a lucky lady! Anniversary in Venice and a Red Carpet Birthday. I'm jealous. :)

11:09 AM, June 02, 2006  

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