Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Odds 'n Ends

The world has seen fit to fill my free time with stuff to do. Stuff that has kept me from blogging. I know that you're all very sad at the idea that I haven't posted anything new since mid-July. In no particular order, here are the thoughts and musings that have crossed my mind for the past few weeks:
Lately Jenna has been dressing in a Goth style, with pink or blue bangs in place to compliment the safety pins stuck in her (always black) shirts. When I took her to camp a few weeks ago she introduced me to 5 young women, all friends of hers that were dressed in various shades of what I described above. All of these girls were very polite to me before they began to talk amongst themselves. While I waited to sign-in at camp I couldn't help but overhear what Jenna and her Goth-clones were discussing. Their topic? The books they were reading. It seems the more I teach Jenna the more she teaches me, too.
"Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Superman Returns" opened weeks ago, to mixed reviews. While we plan on seeing "Pirates" before it leaves the theater I am less hopeful that I will see "Superman" before it arrives in stores on disc. I used to love the movie-going experience but I am more and more disappointed with theaters. People who bring an infant in a baby carrier to ANY movie are becoming more and more prevalent. People who STAY in the theater even when their kid is crying/fussing/making noise are downright rude yet all-too common. Popcorn should not cost 8 bucks. When a movie is listed to start at 2:05 that should mean that the MOVIE starts at 2:05 - NOT the 20 minutes of commercials before the film. And can't ANYONE make an original movie anymore? Doesn't anyone enjoy the art of filmmaking as well as possess the skill to competently write, produce, edit and direct a feature film? Does everything have to be marketed to death? The more I see what is at my local multi-plex, the more glad I am to have Turner Classic Movies.
Katie and I spent 26 hours in the Berkshires this weekend but, man, what a great 26 hours. The highlight of an already awesome trip was getting back "home" on Sunday night, looking up at the night sky and seeing a BAZILLION stars. I haven't seen a night sky like that since I lived in Bryantville.
Toni and I FINALLY have a meeting date to sit down and watch the first full edit of "The Six Fifty-Seven" on August 28th. It seems like forever since we've actively worked on this project. I hate having to wait for others to do work that I would have rather have done myself months ago. Nevertheless, I am very eager to get a look-see at the endless project. I know that the cast was brilliant; we'll have to see if the director was, too.
After much downtime I have once again started working on "Chasing Superman". Hopefully Chase's adventures will see a conclusion by year-end.
But enough about me; how are YOU doing?


Blogger Summer Ryan Doyle said...

How do I get in on this screening on the 28th? I'm thrilled to hear about the progress.

And you're taking exactly the right attitude towards Jenna's wardrobe change. She's just trying to express herself. Most goth kids I've run into (including my big brother in a former life) are sensitive, intelligent, unique human beings.

8:49 AM, August 05, 2006  
Blogger Andy said...

I think that you've described Jenna perfectly. :-)

I will definitely keep you posted on the results of the screening. I hear you may have an interest in its success...

7:56 AM, August 08, 2006  

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