Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fame. Ain't it a Beeyotch?

I'm sure that all of you remember The Horta from the "Star Trek" episode The Devil in the Dark.

But do you know the true story behind one of Star Trek's most memorable guest stars?
"E True Hollywood Story - The Horta" *
Few people realize that although the Horta was represented by the William Morris agency for many years, they were able to cast the Horta in only a smattering of forgettable projects following its "Star Trek" appearance.

The Horta tested for the new landlord role on "Three's Company", between Mr. Roper and Mr. Furley. An altercation, which the remaining cast members claim Sommers provoked, left "Chrissy" with a patch of burned scalp and Horta working the streets again. Even projects expressly written for Horta were ultimately put into turnaround, or left in development hell. "From Horta Eternity" remains one of the great screenplays never produced.

Horta got one last reprieve by Mel Brooks, starring as "Pizza The Hut" in his warmly received "Spaceballs". However, sadly, though Horta was on the shortlist for reprieving the role of Pizza for "Spaceballs: The Broadway Musical", the would be star suffered a major Hortattack and passed away September 2, 2006.

Horta was laid out for a public viewing in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, but ate through her casket and into a mausoleum beneath the cathedral floor.
* This piece of entertainment news was sent to Improbable Bostonian Headquarters by intrepid young papparazzi / journalist Dave Flanagan - aka "The Sock".


Blogger Cynthia said...

What a horta-fying, sad story!

8:46 AM, October 06, 2006  
Blogger FoxInDetox said...

A Horta-tack... ha ha!

My first read and I'm in stitches already. It doesn't take much these days... no offense.

2:22 PM, October 27, 2006  

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