Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What the BLEEP - Part II

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We're up to an "R" rating now. Just for your comments.


I mean, really now. What about context? I could say "He's a dick" and that should add points onto the Moral Majority scale. But what about "This is my friend, Dick"? Not to be confused with "This is my friend's dick" which means something else entirely.

See kids? Punctuation counts!

What about historical context? When I visited Pompeii I was amazed to see the well-preserved brothel that had painted each girls specialty above the door of each "private room". Of course, while the stone platform that was used as a bed was probably not conducive to comfortable sex it was certainly conducive to "various positions" sex.

What about child rearing and spanking? Spanking a child is no longer in vogue and this is good. Paying to be spanked by a dominatrix/hooker/call girl is still fine if done in the privacy of, well, wherever you can do that sort of thing.

Finally, what about a bitch? If I call any of you -my faithful readers - a "bitch" then I would be in trouble - and rightfully so. However, if I refer to the bitch down the street that is going to have puppies then we're all cute and cuddly again.

If we talk about spanking the bitch down the street because she licked my friend Dick then we're all going to Hell.


Blogger FoxInDetox said...

"I'm Rick James, bitch!"

And you Andy....you just plain nasty.

10:00 AM, July 03, 2007  
Blogger FoxInDetox said...

I just found out that I'm only rated PG. Oh, it's on now beotch! A couple of F-bombs and I'm right there with ya brotha.

10:03 AM, July 03, 2007  
Blogger Summer Ryan Doyle said...

You've just made my day...

Thank fuck for your blog. :)

11:02 AM, July 03, 2007  
Blogger Cynthia said...

It's nice to have a place where I can be as bitchy as I want, without having to give a fuck.

You forgot dickbrain, dickhead!

In your travels, did you mention anything about spotted dick?

1:37 PM, July 03, 2007  

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