Thursday, December 25, 2008

All is Calm

The congregation was bathed in candlelight as we began to sing "Silent Night." Voices were off-key and at different volumes. Some were loud; others were tentative as everyone tried to wrap their voices around this beautiful Christmas song.
There, among the members of the Thomas Parker Unitarian Church of West Roxbury, I was reminded of the simplicity and the depth of the holiday. Here, among people who were each following their own religious path, I saw the simple truth. We are here together in celebration and the birth of Christ brought us here.
Now, I am not here to debate the religious implications of Jesus Christ. It is enough for the moment that we believe that two thousand years ago a man named Jesus walked the earth and preached peace. This message of hope has resonated down through the centuries as the peal of a great bell that vibrates within us even today. Especially today. For the bell always tolls loudest on this day.
So I stand with my fellow travelers and raise my voice in song, embracing the moment and remembering the first time that I ever fully understood the simple truth of the holiday.
Thank you, Linus.
Merry Christmas to all.


Blogger Cynthia said...

My favorite!!

Thanks, Andy.

Did you know that "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was published the year we were born?

9:10 PM, December 25, 2008  
Blogger Andy said...

Hi Cindy,

Yes, I did know that "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was published the year we were born. It's as old as we are but the message is timeless.

7:48 AM, December 26, 2008  

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