Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cool Hat and Blue Skies

The air is thick with exhaust fumes as I exit from the train onto the platform at Back Bay station. I take the steps two at a time as I exit onto the street, gulping in fresh air, due to the carbon monoxide and the fact that I just can't sprint up stairs like I used to.
Street level the air is cold and full of commuter noises. The train pulls out of the station below and the sound of its engines mix with the cacophony of sound from the traffic on Route 93. A quick gust of wind catches me unaware, forcing me to conclude that my thin spring jacket may have been a poor choice this morning.
As I walk past the Hancock Tower I glance up at the early morning sky. It is a panorama of bright blue color, filled with promise. High, wispy clouds are like fleeting thoughts as they move about. In my mind I imagine the clouds forming, churning and dissipating at high-speed film like during an indie film. A woman and her two young boys cross the street in front of me. The youngest, maybe five, also looks up at the sky. His harried mother hurries him along. Even five year-olds have a schedule this morning.
Walking towards Newbury Street a young woman is towing very large suitcase on wheels in one hand with a grande drink from Starbucks. She looks at me; I catch her looking at me. She smiles as she looks away, hurriedly sipping from her drink. I smile to myself as I wait for the pedestrian signal to give the all-clear.
Once on Newbury Street the sun is out in full force, shining brightly from over the Boston Common. I pull my fedora down closer to my eyes. I love this hat. I bought it at Salmagundi in Jamaica Plain. It is a combination of the fedora worn by Harrison Ford in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" but it is closer to the hat worn by Humphrey Bogart in "The Maltese Falcon". How could I not like it? I have always wanted to be a "hat-guy" but I really couldn't pull it off when I was in my twenties. Now in my forties, it looks just fine. Perhaps a little grey and a few crinkles around the eyes add to its character?
As I near the end of Newbury I see a gentlemen driver leaning standing next to a large black town car, waiting for his employer. He looks at me coldly. I smile and say "hello". A bit startled, he smiles back and says "Hello". When I look back at him, he doesn't seem as distant now.
I enter the Public Garden and I am overwhelmed with green. Everything is flourishing here. The morning dew on the grass reflects the light from the rising sun and the air is full of a rich, earthy scent. It's pungent, but in a really good way. Dogs are walking their masters and people, a dozen or so, are just walking leisurely around the duck pond. Its very quiet here right at this moment.I contemplate finding a bench and just stopping for while to listen to the silence. Usually I have to go to Vermont to listen to this much nothing. However, my daydream is ruined when a truck lays on its horn just outside the garden. I begin my march once again. Work is waiting.
By the time I am crossing over the bridge in the Public Garden I realize that I am very warm. What a difference ten minutes and some actual exertion can do to a man. I consider removing my jacket. I decide against it.
Passing through Boston Common I can see the Loews Cinema - Boston Common across the park. In fifteen days I will see "Star Trek" there. I am fairly giddy at the prospect. I have remained spoiler-free for this one. I only know what I have seen in the promos for the film that have been shown on TV. I also read the "prequel comic"; a four-issue series giving some back story for Ambassador Spock. Other than that, I will see it with clear eyes on Friday, May 8th. Bridget is coming with me, so is George, along with his seventeen year old son, Christopher. Jenna opted out, choosing instead to stay in school for the day because it is near the end of the school year and she has much work to do. I applaud her work ethic but I wish she was coming with me. Weren't George and I seventeen when we first went to see "Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan" together on opening night? Damn.
Before I know it I am walking down Winter Street, then Summer, then onto High Street. As I walk past 100 High Street I am amazed at the redesign of the whole front lobby and the facade outside. Instead of the dark and sterile building that once held the credit union it is now two full stories of windows and marble columns. While I'm sure the marble is fake the light streaming into the lobby is not. It is a change for the better.
I pass the garage entrance and walk into Brueggers. I pay for my iced-coffee and I go to the side board to add cream and sugar to it. I wave my goodbyes to Gwen and Marcia, exit the store and cross over Congress Street. I turn off my cell-phone as I enter my building.
Once on the elevator, my lone, unknown companion says hello and comments that "You almost don't need that jacket today. Soon enough, though." A moment passes and he adds, "Cool hat."


Blogger Fox In Detox said...

Sweet. And hat.

11:35 AM, April 23, 2009  
Blogger Bridget said...

Now you just need your official spring/summer hat...perhaps that two-tone?

11:48 AM, April 23, 2009  
Blogger Cynthia said...

How about one suitable for "A Piece of the Action"?

Thanks for taking me on your walk to work.

Viewing the next "Star Trek" movie is going to be my Mother's Day present.

5:10 PM, April 23, 2009  
Blogger Andy said...

Kathy - Thank you.

Bridget - that two-tone was pretty sweet, wasn't it? I may need to look at it again.

Cindy - "A Piece of the Action" hat! Yes! I can't think of a better Mother's Day gift for you then an opening weekend viewing of the next "Star Trek" movie.

7:29 AM, April 24, 2009  

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