Sunday, August 26, 2007

All Thumbs

Jenna turns 15 today.
In celebration, let's take a spin in the Way-Back Machine and look in on young Jenna...
When Jenna was almost 6 years old she was upstairs in her bedroom playing. I walked into her room with some clean laundry and saw that her pillow case was no longer on its pillow; rather, it was strewn across the bed. Interested in why she did this, I asked her "Who took your pillow case off of your pillow?"
"India did", she innocently replied.
India is our cat.
So I asked again.
"Jenna, who took your pillow case off of your pillow?"
"India did it, Daddy."
Lying isn't cool. Now I've gone from mildly curious to mildly annoyed.
"Jenna, I'm going to ask you one last time. Who took your pillow case off of your pillow?"
"India did it, Daddy. I saw her."
"Okay," I replied, "You can have a time-out in your room thinking about why that isn't possible."
The waterworks began. "But why daddy?" She cried, "I don't want to be in my room. Why do I have to be in my room?"
"Because, honey, you lied to me. There is no way that India took your pillow case off of your pillow."
Shocked at the parental detection skills, she bravely asked, "Why isn't there?"
"Think about it."
After a few minutes I asked if she knew how I knew that she was lying.
"No," she said honestly. "How?"
I held up my hands with a wild "thumbs up" motion. "Because cats don't have opposable thumbs! They can't grab anything! Even if India wanted to take your pillow case off of your pillow she could only go so far before she realized 'Darn it! I don't have thumbs! Curse my lack of thumbs!'"
We both laughed and laughed at the idea of India being really pissed off because she didn't have opposable thumbs to cause mischief with.
Last week, nine years later, Jenna sent me the following photo:

Once again, we laughed and we laughed.
I am so very glad that I have a daughter who makes me laugh.
Happy birthday Jenna!
Love, Dad

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I'm just going to let Connie Talbot from "Britain's Got Talent" have the floor...

Simply beautiful.