Monday, November 13, 2006

Katie Arnold Invetigates!

I read this article in the Boston Sunday Globe on March 12th. Knowing Katie's huge interest in all things criminal and forensic, I waited impatiently for her to wake up to show it to her. She was immediately excited about it. Knowing that this publicity would lead to an influx of applications to BU, Katie signed up for - and was accepted in - the program before the day was over.
She was the first official member of the second class in the The Boston University Certificate in Professional Investigation program.
The classes started in May and were held nearly every Saturday from 9-5. Jenna and I did our best to hold down the fort at home while Katie was in school. We never strayed too far from home so Malcolm could have company and keep on a regular bathroom schedule. We were even inspired to do some housecleaning in Katie's absence, although she quickly put a well-meaning kibosh on THAT idea because Katie is much more efficient than I am at housecleaning. (Read: she has her own way of doing things and I haven't learned them yet).

So after a full work week at Verizon, she attended this class on Saturday, did housework on Sunday and did her homework in her "spare time". Oh yes, there was homework. Lots of it. Each week involved a tremendous amount of reading as well as a handful of projects that she needed to pass in order to successfully complete each section of the course.
She received "A's" in every section of the program.

This dedication to her studies was not without sacrifice. Nearly every Saturday this summer came with an invitation to a party, a BBQ, the Berkshires, etc. - seemingly all designed to tempt her from her goal. We even left Venice a day early so she could attend her third class session, after having missed the second class to travel there in the first place. Throughout it all Katie kept her eye on the prize, put her nose to the grindstone and went to work.
Saturday, November 11th was Katie's last day of classes at BU. She successfully completed the program and will receive a Certificate in Professional Investigation.
In short, she is well on her way to being a licensed Private Investigator.
There is still a lot more work to be done. She has to find an apprenticeship to meet her licensing requirements. She still wants to volunteer her time to work with Tom Shamshak, the Program Director and Lead Instructor, as he follows cold cases and missing person cases throughout New England and across the country. No small feats, but ones that I am absolutely sure that Katie will accomplish because she can do anything when she puts her mind to it.
My wife is going to be a Private Investigator.
I am very, VERY proud of you, Katie.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Decemberists

Jenna went to her first concert on Saturday night. Well, technically it was her 2nd concert IF you count going to see Aaron Carter when she was 8 years old as a concert.
We don't count it.
Jenna and her friend Taylor met at the Orpheum and took in a show featuring The Decemberists. I met Taylor's parents beforehand, we waved goodbye to the kids at 7PM and off we went to fill a few hours of time until the show was over. I took this opportunity to Christmas gift browse for Katie and Jenna and also to check out a book or five at Borders while Taylor's parents went to dinner. Around 9:40 I went back to the Orpheum to wait for Jenna. A rude Orpheum employee told me "You have to wait outside to do that." Just then a crewmember from the band came over and gave me a free ticket (for the orchestra section) and told me to "Enjoy the rest of the show."
And enjoy it I did.
I sang along with the chorus on two songs and I listened to six songs before the encore started. At that time Jenna text-messaged me saying that the encores had started so I left the theatre and waited outside for her and her friends. Together again, I took pictures of the girls in front of the tour bus, waved goodbye to Taylor and Adam and we walked over to South Station. On the way there I presented Jenna with a CD of The Crane Wife - their newest album - because I figured that everyone should have a tangible reminder of their first concert.
The Boston Globe had this to say about the band.
Until two weeks ago I had never heard of The Decemberists so I know that I've reached a new level of life when I am learning about music groups from my daughter. Do yourself a favor and check out the eclectic, indie-folk sound of The Decemberists - you won't be disappointed.

I'm Boldly Going...

My friend James has revealed the latest crewmember of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D:

Why do I feel so White & Nerdy...?

Friday, November 03, 2006

For Cindy...

Since she requested it:

I am waiting for my original series "Kirk" uniform, or the uniform from "The Wrath of Khan".

Katie has the patterns.

You have been warned.
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